Deep Self Discovery

Southwest Soul Quest responds to big life questions by creating space for individuals to explore:

Rewilding the Self  |  Reconnecting with the non-human world  |  Radical joy  |  Soulful purpose  |  Conversing with our inner wisdom  |  The practices of wandering and wondering  |  Leadership for our times

Asking big questions is healthy, necessary, and natural:

Do you feel drawn to discover who you are on a deeper level?

Have you felt a tug towards some mysterious call?

Are you on the edge of a life transition?

Have you noticed a longing to reconnect with the wild world both inside and out?



We employ alternative educational models aiming to create formative space where individuals can sink into deepening layers of self discovery required to negotiate various stages of human life and personal development for those who are ready.

We support you in discovering and enacting a life of deep awareness, radical joy, and soulful purpose. We are committed to the service of deep self discovery and Soul embodiment by engaging you in a  remembering of the deepest truths of your existence both as unique individual and as a human being.  We aspire to rewild the human experience so that you can more fully embody your deeper self knowing in alignment with the wisdom of the Earth.  We provide you with guidance and tools to explore your Soul’s calling in the World.

Southwest Soul Quest is unique in that it offers innovative and alternative educational approaches designed to support your journey on multiple levels.

This approach is especially valuable for individuals

  • Who find themselves in a difficult life transition, or unclear of what’s next in life
  • Seeking a more meaningful life in retirement
  • Overwhelmed and confused
  • Emotionally and spirituality stifled
  • Desiring to engage in more fulfilling life

Southwest Soul Quest does not offer psychotherapy in any form. We provide educational maps and models on the path of deep self discovery, meaning and purpose.



What makes Southwest Soul Quest different?

Right from the start, within a familiar one-on-one setting, we delve into your specific needs in a safe and practical way.

Self Soul Spirit™

The Self / Soul / Spirit™ model values tracking, identifying, and processing the many voices/parts we all harbor so as to illuminate the choices we have as individuals to reach our highest potential. It uses common terms chosen to explore the various parts of our psyches and their interaction with ongoing life experiences. The interaction between the parts we inherit and our life experiences combine to form our unique human expression. This is accomplished through the creation of individualized psychological Mandalas (parts map).

Wild Mind™

This approach is aimed at helping one to cultivate an individual’s innate ways of knowing and psychological resources/facets to prepare them for Self-healing, Self whole-ing, and the descent to soul. This process relies upon the unique dynamic found between the individual and the non-human world that often leads to encounters between the many parts of the psyche and the human/nature relationship. This is a guided process of co-creating a workable map of the psyche to become more aware of the constraints and opportunities these parts contain in relationship to living a meaningful and authentic life. This approach builds off of successful work in the Self / Soul/ Spirit™ approach.


These skills and practices, developed by Eco-Depth Psychologist, Bill Plotkin, evoke the world-shifting experience of soul encounter. Soulcraft practices spring from wilderness rites, depth psychology, ecopsychology, the poetic tradition, nature-based peoples, and from the wild Earth itself — and comprise a contemporary, Western, and nature-rooted path to the terra mysterium of soul initiation. For a thorough introduction to Soulcraft and the underworld journey, read Bill Plotkin’s book, Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche.

Our Guides


John Lynch and Joseph Paul McCaffrey are gifted in the integration of innovative, contemplative, creative, and alternative methods of nature based healing, whole-ing, and soul work.

We will support you in discovering and enacting a life of deep awareness, radical joy, and soulful purpose. We are committed to deep Self discovery and Soul embodiment by engaging you in remembering the deepest truths of your existence. We aspire to rewild the human experience so that you can more fully embody your deeper self knowing in alignment with the wisdom of the Earth.

John and Joseph will provide guidance and tools to explore your Soul’s calling in the World.
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Joseph McCaffrey
Joseph Paul McCaffrey
M.S. Counseling and Ecopsychology,
M.A. in Educational Psychology
339 South Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303
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John Lynch
John Lynch
M.A. Sustainable Communities
and Ecopsychology
Flagstaff, Arizona
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Southwest Soul Quest + Women on the Move Coaching

We are passionate about helping young adults, families, and individuals find the courage to create an authentic life and walk their own path. Each of us is uniquely different as is each of our paths.

Whether a career change, a major life transition event, a decision regarding a relationship, the creation of a new norm post treatment, pondering where to live, choosing a college or going another route; whatever your current life circumstance, how do you determine what is best for you? What is unsatisfactory? What is missing? What is driving you to search for help? How do you embark on the next phase of your life? How do you determine the steps to take?

Some of us have always felt this desire. Others are tired of the norm and want something different. We often betray our deepest instincts without even realizing it as we get so caught up in our lives and stray from our innermost feelings and thoughts. Until that moment in time when the feeling is so strong or events happen that force us to look at what we have been avoiding or chosen not to acknowledge. In these moments lies a choice to embrace and follow these instincts or to close the door and continue to be functional.

Joseph McCaffrey of Southwest Soul Quest and Tracy Schrunk of Women on the Move Coaching want to help you walk through that door.

Our model is designed to assist you in breaking out of your old stories – to create a new way of being that helps you live from a place of authenticity. A clear, stable foundation is required to manifest your goals, your dreams, and your passions.
 When we are in alignment, the joy, the creativity, the energy, the happiness flow. This is the art of living.

What are you waiting for? Just Go!
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Individual sessions are co-designed (by client and guide) to best meet client’s pace and focus.
One-on-One in the Office.

As professional soul-centric guides, John and Joseph recognize that understanding deep self-discovery is a matter of becoming familiar with some new language and a different, form of self-expression. Working in the office lends itself as a gentle first step in responding to your soul’s call. Joseph and John feel that devoting some time to build rapport via one-on-one guiding in the office setting can be a great way to engage in this process before moving into the outdoors.

Sessions on the Land.

These sessions will be facilitated in the wilds of the southwest. Group and one-on-one experiences will focus on a nature-based experiential approach to Self Soul Spirit™, Wild Mind™, and/or Soulcraft™ models. Specific locations may vary from session to session and clients are always welcome to suggest a location where they feel called to work. Sessions on the land provide the richest experiences supporting a soul-directed path.

Phone or Skype Sessions.

For those who cannot physically meet us in the office, Southwest Soul Quest sessions are also offered via phone and Skype. The goals are identical to our in-person office experiences by including Self Soul Spirit™, Wild Mind™, and/or Soulcraft™ models. Similar to our office session we will conclude with suggested nature-based invitations and practices to assist in further exploring what arises during our time together.



If we surrendered to earth intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees   – Rainer Maria Rilke

Beautiful, colorful sky over desert

A Day in Praise of Sacred Nature

Spend the day engaging in conscious shifting practices that bring you closer to the sacred realm of nature and the core of your wild soul. Wander in Nature. Be Guided in a Deep Imagery Process. Learn new ways to connect and commune with nature. Experience renewal and rejuvenation.
Location: Clear Creek Trailhead, Camp Verde
Date: February 17, 2018
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $75

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From Meaningless to Meaningful

Join us for an afternoon exploring the unique process of cultivating inner resources ranging from the ever-expanding cosmological to the mysterious depths of our innate human experience.

When: January 27, 2018, 9:30 am-3:30 pm
Where: Camp Verde, TBA
Cost: Early Bird Special: $25
Download flyer: From Meaningless to Meaningful
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Wounded to Wild: A Local Flagstaff Offering

Join us for an afternoon exploring the unique process of tending to our psychological wounds and protective parts through the fostering of our innate wild human nature so as to respond to our longing to live a bigger, more meaningful, life.
When: October 8th, 9am-3pm
Where: Pumphouse Wash trailhead in Kachina Village
Cost: by donation
Register via email: southwestsoulquest@gmail.com
Download the flyer: Wounded To Wild

Eagle soaring over canyon

Professional Ecotherapy Training, Part 1.

Attention Experienced Therapists, Psychologists, Coaches, and Social Workers

Get the confidence you need to work with your clients in Nature. Learn the practices of Ecopsychology as developed by Bill Plotkin. Brian Stafford (Wilderness Is Medicine) and Joseph McCaffery (Southwest Soul Quest) are offering a series of immersive training sessions for professionals to transform your practice and your clients’ lives.
Part 1.  Monday, October 23, 2017 – 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Where: Juniper Well Ranch, Skull Valley, Arizona
Cost: $99.00
Part 2. Date TBD

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Download the flyer here.



Check in.

Joseph Paul McCaffrey

Prescott Office: 339 South Cortez Street, Prescott, AZ 86303
Phone: 970.217.8698

John Lynch

Flagstaff Office: 3055 Ancient Trail, Flagstaff, AZ 86005
Phone: 856.296.3084

All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.