Befriending Death

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Once upon a time, our ancestors befriended death before it came for them, so as to allow the question of their own mortality to guide them towards what they loved most and allow that love to direct their lives. In this way, when Death’s cold finger finally beckoned, our ancestors did not have to face it while holding in their hearts an un-lived life, one that did not serve their people and the world. That is why we fear death these days.

Currently, our culture avoids the topic altogether. One of the values of Southwest Soul Quest is to practice the contemplation of death (physically and psychologically) as a catalyst towards soul for those who long for such depths and are ready. To be clear, we do so to foster psycho-spiritual death of our old stories that want to keep us living a small life. These stories kept us safe in our younger years, but now they hold us back.

Standing beside death is birth; they are cousins along the same axis and are in love with one another. The wild world shows us this if you take the time to carefully observe death in nature. At times, some things need to pass away to make space for something new. Seeing Death’s role in this way unfolds its beautiful relationship with life. May we begin to re-member the relationships between all living things, in all their wisdom.

What wants to die and be born in your life? Are you listening to those strange inner voices guiding you towards yourself? Good, let’s begin…

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About the Author:

John Lynch is an adventurer of wild places, a professional outdoor educator, university lecturer, musician, wilderness guide and local initiator of soulful practices in his northern Arizona community. John has degrees in outdoor education, sustainable communities, and ecopsychology.