Monogamy, Conformity, and the Loss of the Wild Erotic Lover

We all were born with an undomesticated wild lover as our twin, which at birth was thrown out the window and banished far out into the wild edge of existence. If you would ask your mother or father of this wild twin, they would for certain, and with sincere truth, tell you that they know nothing of the sort. They do that so to protect themselves from their own pain of banishing this part of you.

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Wild Deep Self Discovery In a Disconnected Culture

  Identity angst appears to be increasing in western, and westernized, culture. We have lost our way as a species and fail to deeply understand who we are as humans in relationship to that from which we emerged, Earth. Less and less individuals feel firmly rooted in authenticity, both as unique individuals and [...]

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Befriending Death

  Once upon a time, our ancestors befriended death before it came for them, so as to allow the question of their own mortality to guide them towards what they loved most and allow that love to direct their lives. In this way, when Death's cold finger finally beckoned, our ancestors did not have [...]

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