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John Lynch
M.A. Sustainable Communities and Ecopsychology

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Facilitator – Center for Creative Choice, Prescott, AZ
Guide – Animas Valley Institute, Durango, CO
Lecturer – Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

John is an avid adventurer of wild places, professional outdoor educator, university lecturer, musician, wilderness guide and local initiator of soulful practices in his northern Arizona community. He offers practices rooted in Wild Mind™,  Soulcraft™ and the Self Soul Spirit™ models of psychological awareness as an advocate for re-wilding the heart. He has training and certifications in gestalt therapy, nature-based guiding, and dialogical processing.

Additionally, John has degrees in outdoor education, sustainable communities, and ecopsychology. John finds purpose in walking alongside others as they bushwhack through their inner wilderness seeking deep self-discovery and how that relates to the human and non-human worlds. His curious and open nature helps him to facilitate others into the slipstream of a soul-directed life and a connected world.

Flagstaff Office: 3055 Ancient Trail, Flagstaff, AZ 86005

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