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Tracy Schrunk and Joseph McCaffrey are passionate about helping young adults, families, and individuals find the courage to create an authentic life and walk their own path. Each and every one of us is unique – as is each of our paths.

Working together, Joseph and Tracy offer different formats as described in the options below.


Defining You. The focus during the two-day intensive is on identifying what is truly unique about you: your gifts, your passions, your skills, your sense of self. Living an authentic life means being able to connect with your deepest senses, to align your personality with this deeper knowing, and to connect to the broader universal energy around you.

You will learn how to identify your own parts of self, gain clarity around your current life status, map out how your personality has been running your life and what you do and don’t like, identify the sources of internal conflict and how to work through them, and create synergy to move forward by voicing what you truly want and empowering yourself to create a vision tailored to who you are.

Calling your own shots. It’s really important to identify what has been running your life. What stories have you created and held onto that no longer serve you and prevent your true self from emerging? What are you re-creating over and over again that prevents you from being your brilliant self?

We will teach you how to break out of these stories and speak directly from your authentic self, from your heart, from your deeper knowing so you can take charge of your life. You are now in the driver’s seat and ready to call your own shots.

Elevating your sense of purpose. When you are in alignment, you start to discover a deeper sense of purpose. This purpose lies at the center of your authentic life design. It takes courage, trust, faith, and love to keep moving in this direction. We will help you create a new life vision with your personality and soul, and keep working until it matches how you truly want to live.

Creating your own life design. At the conclusion of the two days, you will have drawn an initial vision of your new life. From the visuals and writings you will have done during our time together and that you will take home with you, you will set specific goals and we will create assignments for you to complete.

Weekly calls, emails, and video sessions over the following four months will reinforce the work. We may decide to meet face to face again. All of this is designed to empower you to live your own authentic life design.

It takes time to change patterns and to learn how to live differently amongst our multitude of daily responsibilities. Don’t give up, stay the course. That’s the reason you have a guide!

Treatment Transitions for Individuals

“Transitioning back to real life is an exciting, happy time for all involved after the hard work that went into the treatment process. After twenty years of assisting families, young adults, and adolescents transition to the next phase of their lives, I can tell you it is hard for everyone to operationalize what they have learned into the real world, no matter the number of parent visits, time in treatment, or visits home.” –Tracy Shrunk

Transitioning from having peer/therapeutic support 24/7, a program structure, and a daily routine to creating a new normal at home or out on your own, while simultaneously implementing everything you have learned is a difficult process. Initial bumps are to be expected, along with conflict by day 90 or even relapse. Parent, individual, and family weekends can be a critical part of supporting this new beginning, whether it is a return home or independent living as an adult.

Having a coach helps everyone stay the course.

Parent Coaching

To assist you with your specific parenting struggles with your adolescent or young adult. Whether your child or young adult lives at home, is in treatment, or is coming out of treatment, we offer weekly phone calls or video services to assist your growth as a parent. We also stay in touch via emails and phone calls during times of crisis. Contracts cover 90 to 120 days. Call us for a cost estimate.

Treatment Transition for Adolescent and Parents

A three-to-four month intensive service for both parents and adolescent. It starts with our talking to your adolescent while they are still in the program to address their concerns, their fears, their needs, their passions, and their goals; they also have input in any family plan we jointly create.

The first weekend your adolescent is home, we do an in-home, face-to-face visit, where we work with everyone in the family.

Our goal is to:

  • Solidify boundaries and communication
  • Assess strengths, values, and functionality of the system
  • Give voice to concerns and hopes
  • Create new lifestyles individually, and as a family
  • Develop problem-solving strategies for conflicts and struggles
  • Establish individual plans that will contribute to the overall family goals and individual personal growth
  • Create a new normal by operationalizing treatment skills/work into real life process and relationships

Following this initial meeting, we follow up weekly with phone or video sessions with the whole family, and separate, individual calls with parents and adolescent. We are also available via email and phone to help deal with any emergency situation.

We also act as transition team leader, interfacing with other professionals in the community and making sure the transition team is on the same page in supporting this new beginning.

At 60 days, we do another face-to-face visit to assess family functioning, adjust individual and family plans, reinforce new lifestyle changes, identify areas of conflict and areas of growth, and to create goals for moving forward. Our goal is to prevent the typical 90-day backward slide.

At the end of 90 days, we can discuss continuation of services.

Depending on family size, we may include a second facilitator. Please don’t hesitate to call Joseph (970-217-8698) or Tracy (801-376-6298) to explore any concerns you may have.

Family Weekend

Southwest Soul Quest in collaboration with WOMC offers family weekends for families who want to strengthen their relationships, build resiliency, re-set their family dynamics, or come together in a new family system after a divorce, a death, remarriage, or cohabitation. Family weekends are also ideal for families entering a post-treatment phase or who have been in a post-treatment phase for many months and want to re-set their family system.

This is not meant to replace family therapy work. It is an intensive three-day family experience to help you move beyond where you keep getting stuck. What we accomplish and work on will be passed on to your family therapist so they can build on the weekend intensive. We do offer continued follow-up over the course of the following 90 days and act as your family coach during this time.

The process begins with a free phone consultation to assess your current situation and to provide information on what your family weekend might look like. Each family weekend is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a more intensive wilderness experience or a more relaxed, comfortable setting to meet in, we will create a weekend that matches your family needs. We also offer mother/daughter, father/son, and multi-generational family weekends.

Our preference is that you come to Prescott, AZ, as we often do experiential and high adventure activities as part of the family process. The varied climates of northern Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon, national forests) and Southern Utah (Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Moab) offer year-round activities. You can even turn your family weekend into an extended vacation to enjoy more of the national parks.

Family weekends always have at least one other facilitator and sometimes two, to ensure the needs of all family members are met. Prices and locations vary. We are willing to fly to you and work with your family locally if needed.

For additional information and cost, email or call us at 970-217-8698 or 801-376-6298.

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